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How to Score Many Goals from Corners in Football Manager 2012

Every time in a Football Manager game, there is one specific way to score a lot of goals from corners and in Football Manager 2012 I have...

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fm 2016 best teams to manage

FM 2016: Best Clubs to Manage in the Game

I am sure that everybody has a pretty clear opinion right now on the club they want to manage in Football Manager 2016, but if you want a...

fm 2013 coaches

Best FM 2013 Coaches List

I am here to share with you a list of best FM 2013 coaches, because all those wonderkids and top free players need some solid coaches to...


Football Manager 2013 Impressions (Beta Version)

This weekend, just like everybody who pre-ordered FM 2013, I was really busy. I have 36 hours of gameplay already, which is a pretty solid...

fm 2013 release date

Football Manager 2013 Beta Announced & Exact Release Date

Finally, I have some great news to share with you: the exact release date for Football Manager 2013 has been made public: we’ll get...

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My Football Manager 2013 Story Plans

Although there’s still some time left until FM 2013 is released (hopefully no more than a couple of months) and I still haven’t...


Chieti Story: Start of Season 2020 – 2021

Hello friends and welcome to what might be the last season in my Chieti story in Football Manager 2012! It has been a great ride and I can...


Chieti Story: Disappointing End of Season 2019-2020

Well, I was a lot happier last time when we talked since things were going well for Chieti, but now things have changed a little bit...