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Download Football Manager 2012 Attacking 4-2-4 Tactic

I have decided to share with you my 4-2-4 tactic in Football Manager 2012 after testing it and tweaking it for almost half of a season in the game because I simply think that it doesn’t need any more testing. It is simply flawless and I am really pleased to have found such an amazing offensive tactic so early in my game because I usually tend to take a lot of time to create a good tactic. But this 4-2-4 attacking Football Manager 2012 tactic is the best!

So read on to find out everything about this Attacking 4-2-4 tactic in FM 2012 and to download it (link below). Here is how things look position- and instruction-wise:

I am playing with a Deep defensive line and no offside trap especially because of the speed of my defenders – if you have better stats, you might wish to try to play offside, even though I really don’t see why.

Now let’s go for each player instruction settings: I am keeping things as simple as possible and you would simply not believe how well players play with these settings:

Wing Backs instructions:

Central defenders instructions:

The more defensive CM:

The more offensive CM:


Advanced forward instructions:

Poacher instructions:

Notes: As you can see, I play it very simple and really offensive without going berserk though. If you don’t have a good poacher, you could put the other Striker as Advanced Forward as well. The golden rule here is not to go too fancy unless you manage Barcelona and then, again, any tactic should work :)

Click the link to download my attacking 4-2-4 tactic for Football Manager 2012 and feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comment section below:

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download from Mediafire

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  1. TheZiggy

    I’ve not really played about much with that formation, but what I do know, is that if the computer opposition set it, things can get really uncomfortable.

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