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Download Football Manager 2013 Faces Megapack (Cut Out Faces Megapack 5.0)

With Football Manager 2013 just released, I am sure you want to get the Faces Megapack ready and have a ton of player faces in your game. If that’s the case, I have some great news for you: the Cut Out Faces Megapack 5.0 version aka the Football Manager 2013 Cut Out Faces Megapack has been released and updated for FM 2013 and you can download it free of charge right away!

In case you have the 4.0 Megapack already, you can choose to download just the upgrade to 5.0 (all details below) or you can choose to get the entire Cut Out Faces Megapack 5.0 for Football Manager 2013, a whooping 5.23GB archive with 116.631 images! Now that is certainly more than you can ask for!

In order to install the Faces Megapack, you have to download it: you can do so from Sortitoutsi – and do yourself a favor and get the torrent if you want to download the entire pack, it’s a lot faster!

How to Install the Cut Out Faces Megapack in Football Manager 2013

Extract all the files to Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > graphics > faces > (if the graphics and faces folders are missing, create them!)

Please have in mind that you should only have one folder full of images and not a separate folder for each update (in case you updated and didn’t get the entire version)

Next, you will have to start up Football Manager 2013 and go to Preferences > Display and Sound and tick the Always Reload Skin on Confirm box, while the Use Skin Cache is unticked. Click confirm and wait for the FM 2013 Faces Megapack to be ready to use!