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Juventus, That Puny Little Football Club!

We’ve seen that this year Football Manager 2012 decided to offer some pretty hilarious or just strange bugs and events and apparently thing are not going to stop.

Take the latest screenshot I managed to capture from the game (and I am surprised I was fast enough to get it, too!): Ezequiel wants to move from Juventus. Nothing extremely strange here, but it all becomes shocking when he hear why: Ezequiel wants to move to a bigger club!

Now I don’t know how other people think, but in my opinion Juventus is one huge football club. And even funnier is the fact that Juventus actually won the Serie A this season, which makes Ezequiel’s request to be pretty strange.

And probably the FM 2012 funny bugs won’t stop here!

One thought on “Juventus, That Puny Little Football Club!

  1. TheZiggy

    That is pretty mad. I’m just waiting for someone from Barcelona or Real Madrid to say that now.

    It looks like the funny bugs are to be with us for the remainder of this release.

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